Road traffic conditions

In Japan, You have to keep to the left!!

Cars drive on the left side of the road, with the driver's seat and steering wheel on the right side.
Speed limits are 80 to 100 km/h on expressways, 40 km/h in urban areas, and 50 to 60 km/h elsewhere.

On Expressway
On Local road

Trafiic Lights

Green arrow on traffic lights
Cars may proceed in the direction of the green arrow, even if the circular light is yellow or red. (right-turn arrow are installed at may intersections)
Blinking Traffic Lights
Blinking red light : Stop briefly, then proceed with caution.
Blinking yellow light : Proceed with caution.

No-overtaking zones

Solid yellow center lines indicate no passing zones.
Broken while center lines signify an ordinary zone.

Road Signs

Various road signs are placed along ordinary roads.
Always drive safely according to the signs.

  • Maximum
    speed limit
  • Stop
  • No parking
  • No parking
    / stopping
  • Closed to
    all vehicles
  • No
  • Road
  • No
    Only designated
    directions permitted
  • One way
  • Stop line
  • Pedestrian
  • Railroad
  • Signal
  • Watch for

Passing through Expressway Toll Gates

Sign to alert a toll gate after 1 kilometer
Sign to alert a toll gate after 500 meters
About toll gates : All of the expressways run by West Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. (NEXCO) are toll roads. Both the distance-based toll system and flat-rate toll system are used. On distance-based toll roads, drivers are requires to take a ticket issued when they enter the road and pay a toll according to the distance traveled at their exit toll gate.
  • ETC Lane
  • The ETC lane Speed limit is 20km/ph
  • ETC Lane / General Vehicle Lane
  • Don't drive through the gate of a booth when the signal is red
  • General Vehicle Lane
General Vehicle (No ETC)
  1. At the entrance

    While drivers usually need to take a ticket at their entrance gate and pay a toll at their exit gate, the advance payment system is also being on some roads, including urban expressway.

  2. Ticket Dispensers

    Stop at the entrance gate and take a ticket from the ticket dispenser. Make sure not to lose your ticket since you need to show it at the exit toll gate.

  3. Toll Collectors

    Pass your ticket to the tollgate attendant and pay the toll. At unattended toll gates found at some interchanges, put your ticket into the toll collection machine and insert the amount of money as displayed on the machine.

Drinking and driving is
strictly prohibited
Drinking and driving is severely punished.