Procedures from booking to returning a rent-a-car

How to booking

  1. Booking

    Please call us. Our specialized staff will take care of you!

    Please call Kanegae Sekiyu.
    Please see here for interpreter services.
    Interpreter support
  2. Check availability

    Please check availability for the category of car you would like.

  3. Renting a vehicle

    We will make a rental contract before your departure.
    Please confirm the contents of the contract and sign your signature. Please make a payment after that.
    Also, please check the vehicle with our staff for scratches and dents.
    Please do not hesitate to ask our staff any further question.

    Items required to rent a vehicle

    • Driver licenses of all the people who will drive the vehicle (they must be valid to drive the vehicle you rent in Japan)
    • Other than the above, we may ask you to check the followings
      1. Validity of your credit cards


    • Please pay in cash. Some offices also accept our partners credit cards.
    • Please pay the basic rate, registration fee for the disclaimer compensation system in case of a vehicular accident and/or property damage, and option fees in advance.

    Items to be checked

    • Please make sure to always carry the rental contract of the vehicle during the rental period.
    • During the rental period, you are responsible to secure a place to park the vehicle, and manage the vehicle including daily inspection and maintenance.
    • If you violate parking regulations during the rental period, you are responsible to pay for such penalties (and any other expenses such as towing).

    Notes on use

    Rental contract for the vehicle / contract clause / automobile inspection certificate

    Please make sure to always carry the documents specified above during the rental period, as you might be asked to show them by police officers and/or land transport officers.

    Confirmation of the use of child seats

    Use of child seats for children under the age of 6 is required of drivers.
    Please book child seats (payable) or bring your own child seats (child seats for children under the age of 1 are not available with us, and therefore you must provide your own). Before your departure, please make sure that child seats are properly used. We are not responsible for any accident that are caused due to inappropriate use of child seats.

    Use of seat belts

    Not only the person on the front passenger seat, but on the rear seats also should fasten seat belts.

    Management of the vehicle

    During the rental period, you are responsible for securing a place to park the vehicle, and manage the vehicle including daily inspection and maintenance.


    Pets are not allowed in the vehicle. Please refrain from loading passenger cars with cartons for moving house, etc.

  4. Return

    Please make sure to return the vehicle after refilling the tank with gasoline.
    If the tank is not filled with gasoline, a fuel fee will be charged according to the mileage.
    Our staff will check if there are any scratches on the vehicle.

    • *If you would like to extend the rental time, please make sure to contact us at least 15 mins. prior to the end of the rental time.
    If you are late or exceed the time without contacting us in advance, a penalty fee will be charged.

    Notes for returning the vehicle


    Please return the vehicle after refilling the tank with gasoline.

    • *To return the vehicle, a receipt from a gas station, or a certificate showing that the tank is filled (at designated gas stations) is required.
    Time to return the vehicle

    If you would like to change the time to return the vehicle, or you are late for the return time, please contact us in advance.
    For hours of operation, please ask at each office. Only within the hours of operation, you will be able to depart and return the vehicle.

    • *An extension fee will be charged if you exceed the return time.
    • *You might not be able to extend the time, depending on the booking condition of the vehicle.
    • *Please return the vehicle within the hours of operation of the rent-car-office where you rented the vehicle.

    Please do not leave any rubbish in the vehicle.

    Options and equipment

    When returning the vehicle, please be sure to return everything in the vehicle, including the automobile inspection certificate, automobile liability insurance certificate, tools and optional items that we gave you when you rented the vehicle.

Interpreter support

An interpreter support is available with a three-party calling function including a call center.

CALL CENTER 24 Hours 365 Days,

14 Languages OK!

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